I came across this act on America’s Got Talent by the Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra and I was awestruck. First, I was glued to the act performed by these talented kids. However, if you listen to their story, it is scary to think that these creative children would have not found their sound if not for the extraordinary kindness of one individual. Susan Pascale was willing to teach them for free and taught them she did.

This act is an example of the great talent hidden in children, but, more importantly, it is  an example of the need for dedicated teachers. Passionate individuals willing to mine and cultivate talent changes lives. It is likely, if not for this teacher, the talent of these kids would have never been discovered and shared with the world. That would have been a a true loss just as the lack of creative environments and outlets for our students in so many of our schools is a tragic loss. However, there is hope and that hope lies with anyone willing to say I will teach. Thank you Susan for being that teacher!



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