Today was the final day of Operation Single Dad: Covert Crisis. The entire platoon was at the ready as we made our final assault against the enemy. While most of the details of the day are now classified, I can report that we nearly lost Private Yona as he was poisoned with weapons grade peanut butter despite his medical charts indicating no such allergy. The enemy is tricky. However, Private Yona has fully recovered and is enjoying well-deserved R&R, as are the rest of the platoon knowing that we survived another OSD mission.

General Mom and Lieutenant Ashie returned safely from their own mission and were impressed with the success of ours. What was even more impressive was that General Dad was awarded the rare medal of valor for his leadership under fire. General Dad humbly accepted this great honor, not for himself, but to honor the brave men and women that fought under his command. General Dad also announced that he is retiring after this mission and is going on a long vacation.

medalofvalorMission Accomplished!


  1. You must print these all out and archive them for posterity! Seriously too much!!! I wish the mission was not over… Too entertaining


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