Today was the last full day of Operation Single Dad: Covert Crisis and we only have until 23:00 tomorrow to complete our objective. I am not confident we will be successful as today two of our soldiers, Private Yona and Private Adin, stayed back in the infirmary while Private Evan and Private Adyra went on tactical maneuvers. However, the troops were rested, as last night was the first night of since the mission began that General Dad was not awoken in his quarters. Thank G-d!

Although Private Yona and Private Adin were ill, the entire platoon escorted Private Adyra and Private Evan to their drop zone as we never leave a man behind. This creed was tested as Private Yona refused to put on shoes and wanted to wear his monster pajamas in the transport vehicle. We almost left him behind. The two active duty troops arrived safely to their destination and upon return to base, General Dad had the two sick Privates watch operational training tapes on Netflix so he could work.

All in all, the days mission went smoothly and extraction for Private Adyra, Private Adin and Lieutenant Morty went off without a hitch. However, the troops were quite chatty and philosophical. This began with Private Adin’s very deep and random question, “Why do the angry birds hate the pigs?” To which Private Yona responded, “The birds are so angry they have no arms.” At which point, Private Adyra yelled “I want the window open.” Which somehow led into Private Evans existential question, “If you take your lips off and put it in your mouth do you get worms?” which he followed by a loud and oddly proud exclamation of “I FARTED!!!!!.”




When we arrived back at base camp the troops bathed and got dressed in pajamas. Private Adyra helped out in the mess hall and General Dad prepared what can only be described as a gourmets gourmet meal.






The troops were treated to a delightful array of culinary delights which included chocolate pretzel pieces covered tacos, sweet washington apple slices, warm pita and nutty humas and lightly scrambled wild chicken eggs followed by the last batch of freshly store bought cookies and cream ice cream. There wasn’t a dry eye among the platoon at how beautiful the meal was. So, beautiful that most of the troop did really want to eat most of it. What a tribute.


Tomorrow is the last day of ODS: CC. We will make our final push, hopefully not too early in the morning. We will only be successful if the entire platoon is at full capacity. There is no room for mistakes as the objective is critical and the stakes too high. May G-d bless this platoon, its mission and America….and Diet Dr. Pepper because it is just so delicious.



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