Day four of our covert mission began early once again at 0500, but the troops are showing progress as they did not destroy the base this morning. Commendations all around. However, there was one glitch as Private Evan locked the Generals quarters this morning, so General Dad had to scale the barracks roof and slip through a window to unlock it. In regard to our two sick soldiers, Private Adyra and Private Yona began the day with symptoms of the what we know now to be a mutated form of the Bubonic plague. As the day progressed the motrin and antibiotic drips I had them walk around with seems to have been working. They both ended the day without a fever.

Three out of the four troops went a reconnaissance mission to a little known hostile territory nicknamed “Travel Town” for its advanced transport system and miniature railway drones. They were escorted by Three Star Brigadier General Bubby who landed this afternoon to allow for a supply run by General Dad and Private Adin. The supply run was almost aborted to do limited resources due to government funding issues. Special thanks to a private funder who airdropped the necessary supply containers and keeping Operation Single Dad alive. Private Adin was very happy.


All the troops reconvened at 16:00 for aquatic maneuvers simulations, baths and chow.


Private Adin, Yona and Evan were in their quarters by 17:00 and Private Adyra is watching advanced mission tapes involving flying magical ponies. Both Private Adyra and Yona appear to be getting better and will hopefully be full mission ready to go to training camp tomorrow. If not, they will once again remain at base getting the necessary recuperation time in preparation for our final push before General Mom returns.


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