The OSD: Covert Crisis second day mission began earlier than expected with Private Evan rising way before mission time to go on what can only be described as a rogue mission. Clearly driven by a personal vendetta towards zoo animals he snuck into the neighboring nature reserve with his Nerf sniper. I am sad to report there were no survivors. It was a blood bath. Submitted for evidence:


Once the troops were given a stern talking to, three out of the four troops were sent to training camp for the day. However, in the chaos of the morning massacre, Private Yona forgot his ruck pack which held his rations. This led to numerous satcom messages from training camp that were ignored as I was tending to our wounded soldier, Lieutenant Adyra. She once again remained at based and was med-evacked later in the day. She remains in stable condition under the care of an experimental bubble gum flavored medication. We are hopeful.

The troops returned from training camp with the Lunger convoy and it was clear the day had taken a toll. Private Yona was cursing like a sailor as evidenced by him screaming “I Piss Mommy!” Private Adin reported not feeling well and Private Evan continued to exhibit a trigger happy demeanor. Submitted for evidence: (gun supplied by a surprise visit from Captain Ross)


Special thanks to our IDF friend Private first class Zach who did a supply run for the troops. Although it is only day 2 of Operation Single Dad, the troops and its platoon leader require some serious R&R and will be off for the next 25 hours. A special meal has been cooking for tonight’s festivities and we will be going dark until 17:46 tomorrow evening. Until then, this is platoon leader signing off. Wish us luck!


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