A couple years ago my wife went overseas for two weeks leaving me alone with my five children. While I was very happy for my wife as she was going to spend time with her family, I was convinced I would not make it through the two weeks alive. I saw the two weeks as any good father would; a fight for survival. How did I do it? Well, I turned the two weeks into a military operation that only the few, the proud, the ridiculous could survive. I dubbed it “Operation Single Dad” and updated my friends on facebook with daily reports on the mayhem, obstacles and all out attempts on my life perpetrated by my five children. Suffice it to say, I survived the two weeks, as did my children, and I had never been happier to see my wife like I did when she returned. However, early this morning, under the cover of night, her and my oldest son, flew cross-country for a six day trip. I bring you Operation Single Dad: Covert Crisis.


Operation Single Dad: Covert Crisis – Day #1: I am alone with four of my youngest children. They are a young platoon. In fact, one, Private Evan, still wears diapers to bed. I have my work cut out for me over the next six days. We left base this morning way past go time and I am pretty sure the three boys once again smuggled toys in their rations bag. One troop, lieutenant Adyra, remained back at base in the infirmary, but still helped get dinner ready for the troops. She is an impressive soldier. Special thanks to the Lunger brigade who evacked the twins from their mission site today. All in all, good day and mission accomplished. It is 18:14 and three out of the four troops are in the sack out cold resting for Day #2 of OSD: Covert Crisis. May G-d be with us all!

SOCOM encrypted message for Sergent Mom that the troops got fed:


Ration Packet :

What we have is a lovely summer salad with crisp ranch dressing, asian rice with just a kiss of soy, lightly battered tofu chicken strips sauteed in a lovely mandarin orange sauce and, for dessert, a delicious southern peach cobbler for that late sitting on the front porch summer night feel on a California winters night.



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