Seargent CL Jones left under the cloak of darkness at 0:400 to attend training camp los lobos vegas for officers recertification after the classified incident that recently demoted her. The troops were dressed and prepared for their morning training mission and left base at approximately 0:730 except Captain AJ who missed roll call due to a late night of R&R. Eventually all the troops were off to boot camp leaving only myself, General Jones, to get lock and loaded for Operation Single Dad: Codename Vegas Warfare

I reported for duty at VT Base where I spent the majority of the day training our youngest of troops for the real world. There were no incidents reported about my battalion all day although I did find Captain AJ in my office at 13:00 with his feet up on my chair so I sent him to the stockade for insubordination.  At 17:30, I returned to base to find my battalion bathed, finishing chow and watching training videos codename “My Big Big friend” which is an anti-terrorism series about overweight terrorists who befriend unexpected citizens. They were glued to the screen. I gave an accommodation to Lieutenant Statman for escorting the troops home and making sure they did not accidentally shoot each other like last mission. I then gave the troops a heartfelt pep talk about tomorrows mission and sent them straight to the barracks for some critical shuteye. Sergeant CL Jones sent word that she arrived at camp los lobos vegas safely and was settling in.  All was well until……

Private Yona asked me to lie down with him. While this is not regular military protocol, Jones battalion is not your typical team. So, I snuggled with Private Yona. Shortly after he looked at me and quietly asked “When are you going to die?” I asked why and he said he just didn’t want me to die. Clearly the team is nervous for this operation. It is a multi day operation that I assured Private Yona will be successful and that I did not make General by dying on these Single Dad operations. He seemed comforted and quickly fell asleep. Private Adin and Private Evan were almost asleep and Private Adyra was going over her briefing materials for tomorrow. Captain AJ was nowhere to be found.

Tomorrow we begin our first full day of the mission. G-d help us. G-d help us all.



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