There are many ways to safeguard your children and yourself from material on the internet you would rather not have viewed. Besides basic parental monitoring and open dialogue about internet safety, there are some good online tools and filters out there to help provide a search experience aligned with your personal values. However, it is also important to know what safety features are integrated into the browsers or online service you generally use. If Google is your main browser, did you know that they offer a safe search option and a way to lock that option? Well they do. However, before you watch the instructional videos below, you should know that the safe search is a limited safety feature.

Using google safe search does not filter out all inappropriate sites nor images. Of course, “inappropriate” is relative so you should certainly test out the safe search yourself and ensure it blocks out what you feel you would not like you or your children to see. Yet, unlike many filters, you can’t block certain sites in the future that might bypass the filter, nor can you choose certain sites that you approve. Of course, Google Safe Search is not a full blown filtering program so you can’t expect that. It is just a basic safety feature for the google browser. I would not recommend depending on it as your primary filter, but it is certainly a good start if you currently have no filtering.

Google SafeSearch Video:

Locking SafeSearch Video:

To learn more about Google’s SafeSearch and step-by-step directions to turn it on Click Here


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