Day one of Operation Single Dad: Codename Vegas Warfare was a success. Four out of five troops were up at reveille and Private Yona and Private Adin were fully geared up including their boots which is the first time I am able to report this. While Private Evan was up watching the early morning training videos from the Dino Squad, he was completely undressed running around the barracks saying “Alright, I going to get dressed!”. He would have been penalized for his insubordination, but I found that he made Sergeant CL Jones’ bed this morning which was a first. Private Adyra then got suited up and at some point Captain AJ decided to show up for roll call. Then the transport team arrived headed by Lieutenant Staman and her team of Private Moshe and Private Noah who were clearly mission ready.

As the Jones battalion left for their mission, I headed to VT Base to monitor the battalion and ensure the VT cadets were being well-trained, which of course they were because it is the best training facility in the world. Today was a busy day at VT Base as I had my team meeting today, some additional critical meetings with some of the upper brass, taught my advanced psychological warfare seminar, handled some high level logistics and met with many of the cadets and their trainers. Then I headed back to home base to check on the status of today’s mission.

Upon returning to home base, all troops were accounted for and had finished chow, but had not completed their daily hygiene regimen. It seemed that Lieutenant Statman was manipulated by the cunning Jones battalion. According to the military handbook, Lieutenant Statman was in violation of code 579-4444 and in wartime, as we are now, should have received the death penalty. However, Sergeant CL Jones intervened on her behalf vouching for her. Plus, Sergeant Staman has been doing such an amazing job protecting the battalion  that I was willing to let this one slide. So, eventually the battalion bathed, did their debriefing and went to their barracks for shut eye to get rested for the second day of our mission. Of course, Private Yona and Private Adin had to sing themselves to sleep with songs about “poop” and other hilarious themes. This is not standard military sleep protocol but when you have a battalion as great at the Jones battalion you let a poop song or two slide.

Sergeant CL Jones did send word that her training is going well. The troops miss her, but wish her well. Tomorrows mission begins at 0:600. Godspeed!


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