As the “Tuition Crisis” continues and the conversations around this issue rages on, what responsibilities do we have to address it? As a parent of five children in Jewish day school, I have a personal responsibility to address this issue. As an educator, I have a professional responsibility to address it. As a Jew, I have a community responsibility.

Over the last year or so, I have not spent one Shabbos meal without the issue being raised. The conversation ranges from the global conversation to very personal and painful ones. The problem is generally the focus, but often there are those who offer solutions. They include creative fundraising, community super funds, online/blended learning, charter and public schools and increasing budget efficiency.

As a proud staff of the YU School Partnership, affordability and sustainability is a primary area of support we provide to Jewish day schools. For more information on this area click here. Although this is not the focus of my work, Open Day School does play a role in this important area.

Open Day School focuses on building capacity for online/blended learning in Jewish day schools. The primary focus of this goal is increasing the quality of education. However, online/blended learning has been indicated and implemented in many educational initiatives to also address affordability and sustainability. For this reason I felt it was appropriate to aggregate the conversations around this important issue.

I believe that problems should always be presented with solutions. Below is a series of articles and op-eds on the issue of the “Tuition Crisis.” I divided them into “The Problem” and “The Solution” although many of the articles discuss both. The presentation of these articles are not a show of support or lack there of for the opinions presented. Rather, it is an important snapshot of the conversation so that we can develop our own ideas and solutions as we collectively, as a Jewish community, address the future of Jewish education.

Feel free to post additional articles that you have found useful in the comment section.

The Problem:

Anonymous, The Yeshiva World News, 10/3/12
Aryeh Klapper, Jewish Ideas Daily, 5/14/12
Maayan Jaffe, Baltimore Jewish Times, 8/24/12

Vanessa Brooks, Jewish Press, 7/11/12
Yitzchok Adlerstein,, 7/6/12
Marvin Schick, Jewish Press, 2/15/12

Day School Enrollment Trending Downward
Julie Wiener, The Jewish Week, 12/13/11
Shira Hirschman Weiss, Huffington Post, 3/21/11
Deana Sussman, Hebrew Union College

The Solution:

New Developments In The Classroom And Beyond
Julie Wiener, The Jewish Week, 8/21/12

The Top 5 Community Initiatives to Sustain Day Schools
Harry Bloom, eJewish Philanthropy, 7/6/12

Op-Ed: Make day school affordability a priority
Dr. Simcha Katz, JTA, 8/31/11

Jake Goldstein, Jewish Press, 7/11/12

Day Schools Saving Millions In New Efficiency Effort
Julie Wiener, The Jewish Week, 1/10/12

School Tuition Should Be Based on Income
Aurora Mendelsohn, Forward, 10/31/11

New Day School Alternatives Set For Fall In N.J.
Julie Wiener, The Jewish Week, 5/31/11

Teaneck Parents Eyeing Public (School) Option
Julie Wiener, The Jewish Week, 3/22/11


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