I had the immense pleasure of attending the annual Bay Area Maker Faire this Sunday with my son. It was our first time and I recommend it for anyone with a heartbeat. It was an amazing show and tell of humanities unique propensity for creativity and innovation.

When we arrived the first place we went was to the life-size game of mousetrap where we knew Adam Savage, of MythBusters fame, was going to speak. Climbing a rickety tower, Adam was sporting his trademark brown fedora and was immediately received with embracing cheers and claps from his adoring fans, myself included. He did not present us with a traditional speech, but rather hit us with his “10 Commandments of Making.”

I stood there listening intently and taking notes on my iPhone as I assumed the Jewish people did at Mount Sinai. I did this not only to remember them, but I had planned to share them here with others. Well, as I sat down tonight to craft my thoughts and list Adam’s, I found that Makeazine did the world a service and recorded and posted his presentation on YouTube. So, you can all enjoy it in its raw form and take from it what you will. I have summarized his commandments below the video. Enjoy and Make on!

  1. Make something – Make anything
  2. Make something useful that improves your life
  3. Start now! Make something with the things you have in front of you.
  4. Set a goal. Find a project that will get you interested in the thing you want to build.
  5. Ask for help, question, advice, and feedback.
  6. Share! No secrets! No one has a monopoly on what makes you unique.
  7. Recognize that discouragement and failure are part of making.
  8. Measure carefully
  9. Make things for other people
  10. Use more cooling fluid


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