The “From the Desk Of” series is my regular email to the Valley Torah High School community.

Welcome back to school Parents! This has been an amazing start of school. We have integrated many new enhancements to the program which our students have adjusted to like the rockstars they are. I hope to write about these enhancements in a future post, but I wanted to take a moment within the first week of school to welcome all of our parents back.

This is my second year as General Studies Principal and when I saw returning students on the first day of school I could not help but smile. It was so wonderful to see the students who I spent nearly every day with last year. It was also great to see the new eager faces of our 9th grade students. However, as I have always made clear, our parents are equally important in forming the team that supports our students. Now, it may be possible that you as a parent may have had a different reaction to the first day of school than your child(ren). In fact, I smiled when I saw one of you post this on facebook.

Nevertheless, while you may have eagerly awaited the sound of the first school bell, I know that the start of the school year signals that there is work to be done. You will be working with our amazing team of teachers and administrators to ensure your child gets the best education they can. We will work hard together. We will laugh together. We might even cry. But whatever we do, we will do it as a team and in the best interest of your child(ren); our students. I am grateful that we are partners and I welcome you back to school. Thank you for everything you do to raise your amazing child(ren) and thank you for supporting us in educating them.

Welcome back parents and we look forward to a wonderful year together!


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