In 2003, the first podcast, Radio Open Source, was introduced to the world. A PodCast, for the uninitiated, is a digital audio file online available for download or streaming although I like to think of it as an online radio show. The term “Podcast” comes from the combination of the word “broadcast” and “iPod”.  Podcasts have been gaining popularity over the years, likely because of the easy access to them on our many devices. Many of you might have listened to or heard about the wildly successful podcast “Serial” which according to The New York Times had 1.5 million listeners per episode their first season. So, it is no wonder that in 2014, the same year Serial debuted, Valley Torah jumped on the Podcast bandwagon and created the VTHS Howl Podcast.

Each year of the podcast we introduced a new format and new student host. This year we have focused once again on the happenings at Valley Torah, but instead of one student co-host (I am the other co-host) for the year, we will have a new student co-host each show. We have already produced two podcasts (listen below) this year featuring VT Junior Michael Stark for VT Senior Sean Lavi. Below are the two podcast this year and we look forward to producing more. If you would like to get the new shows in the future right away, click here and enjoy!


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